• Keep animals out of your property and keep your animals inside your boundaries
  • Protect your garden against dogs and other critters
  • Protect birds in cages against rodents
  • Protect vegetable gardens against rodents.



CODE:            DCP

INPUT:           220vAC

OUTPUT:       2800 vDC / 17mA

SIZE:              19,5 x 6 x 11,5cm

WEIGHT:       1,2kg



On/Off Switch
Warning Pilot Light
Screw Connection
2m x Three Core input cable with 3 pin plug

Pulse Red LED (indicates pulsing rate)
Pulse control PC unit

Dog Control Unit - With Pulse

  • Installation instructions:

    • Install high voltage wire isolated without touching ground or grass around desired area.

    • The height above ground depends on what you want to control:

              Cattle:  Approximately 1 meter above ground

              Sheep: Approximately 500mm above ground

              Dogs: Approximately 200mm above ground

              Rats/Mice: Approximately 30mm above ground

    • A singe wire (not included) is installed around the desired area and connected to the 3000 v DC outlet on the unit without touching the ground.

    • This connection is live and the ground is negative therefore, any contact between the live and ground will discharge the capacitors through the animal.

    • NB!! If shock is low, make sure that the live wire does not touch the ground or grass. This may short-circuit the system. Test the voltage with an isolated screwdriver, between the contact and test screw.


    The neon red pilot light indicates that the unit is switched on and that all the connections are correct. If the red light is NOT on, the unit will not work and the transformer will be damaged.