This outdoor unit is perfect for use in small holdings, farms, river properties, orchards, milking sheds, lodges, caravan parks, dairies, etc.



CODE:               ALD

TUBES:             2 x 20w

COVERAGE:     2.14 Ha

GRID:                2800 vDC / 17 mA

SIZE:                 62 x 13 x 48 cm (L X B X H)

WEIGHT:           4.80 kg


  • WARRANTY: Ultrablitz warrants the apparatus for two years against faulty workmanship and materials (excluding tubes) if used and installed as prescribed. In the rare event of repairs under warranty the unit must be sent to the dealer or agent - all labour and material costs, excluding freight, will be carried by Ultrablitz.  Tubes and starters may be changed by any approved electrical dealer.


    INSTALLATION: Installation is very easy as the units are already fitted with the standard, earthed South African three pin plug. The ideal height is about 2-3 meters above the ground and about 6-10 meters away from the area to be covered. 

    Click here for more information regarding installation, maintenance and fault tracing


    IMPORTANT: The ULTRABLITZ INSECT ELECTROCUTOR must be earthed at all times. When an extension lead is used make sure it is fitted with a 3-core wire.